We sell Non-Woven Fabric Party Favor Bags for Kid's Birthday Parties and Family Parties, at discount prices!

SpongeBob Birthday Party Bag Non-Woven Tote

Our SpongeBob Birthday Party Favor Bags are are made of reusable Non-Woven Polypropylene material.  A SpongeBob Thank You Note is slipped into a clear pocket on the front of the goodie party bag, featuring SpongeBob winking and giving the thumbs up and a "Thanks!" headline, so no need to mail Thank You Notes after the birthday party!

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The Party Bag not only holds party favors and candy, but is large enough for any take-home prize or craft  from the birthday party.  Kids will love seeing their favorite character on the front of their party bag, and it will bring lasting memories long after the party is over!


SponbeBob Party Favor Bag (1 Bag)


List Price: $2.75

Our Price:  2.49

Bag Size: 10" high x 9" wide x 4" bottom

polypropylene Pocket Size: 5"  x 6 3/4"

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